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‘Green’ Week of PYP Exhibition

The sixth week of our Exhibition we spent  in Mazury on the Green Camp in Piękna Góra near Giżycko. We were living in a nice hostel “Gwarek” which was surrounded by the mixed forest. We enjoyed our time there because of various attractions prepared for us. However, we especially took advantage of natural environment. We were wading in the lake, playing with the sand on the beach, reading a book on the pier. Apart from that, we were playing football and volleyball. We spent Children’s Day in a ropes course. Last evening, there was a huge bonfire with eating sausages and singing sea shanties.

During the stay we discovered the term ‘consumerism’. We’ve read the book on this topic and created pictures contrasting representatives of consumerism and minimalism. Each of us decided to give up one thing connected with consumerism.             

We were working very hard on the Exhibition and finally managed to make two films that you can watch on YouTube.  Here are the links:



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