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From the yard to the stadium (U-12)

Last Friday, our boys in the oldest category: U-12 also competed in the football tournament⚽ “From the yard to the stadium”. Despite the slight weakening of the team due to diseases and injuries, after a very good game, the boys took second place in the group, competing … with other private and international schools 😊 In the first match, there was clearly no efficiency and self-confidence, so we had to recognize the superiority of the sports club at the School Alliance of Families No. 112 However, as befits IB students and the feature of the student profile – REFLECTIVE , after a short discussion of errors and explaining communication problems, the next matches definitely belonged to us, as evidenced by the result of 7: 4 with Private Primary School No. 63 and then 5: 2 with the European School of Wilanów.

The strength of the team were: Antek (6B) – goalkeeper, Tymon (6A) – captain, Leon (5A), Mikołaj (5A), Albert (5A), Ksawery (5A), Borjan (6A), Wiktor (6A). The guardian of the teams representing the school’s colors during the tournament was Mr. Michał.

Bravo guys!

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