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From the yard to the stadium” tournament

This week, our youngest footballers are competing in the “From the yard to the stadium” tournament ⚽ organized by the Polish Football Association and Tymbark. For many of them, it is the first opportunity to present their skills with the school’s logo on their chests 🤩.

The youngest U-8 team, which they proudly represented, was the first to enter the battle:

Stanisław (0), Franciszek (1A), Piotr (1B), Jan (1B), Władysław (1B), Michał (2A), Leon (2A) and Ola (2A).

After a fierce fight (last match 2: 2 with the PLAYMAKER football academy), the team took 4th place in the group competition and after the tournament they went for an integration pizza 🍕.

The boys from grades 3-4 representing the U-10 team composed of:

Xavery (3A), Maciej (3A), Mikołaj (3B), Stanisław (3B), Franciszek (3B), Filippo (3B), Jan (3B), Ignacy (3B), Dimitar (4B), Olaf (4B).

Our brave boys scored 10goals in the tournament, winning one of the matches with a ratio of 7: 2, unfortunately it was enough to take 4th place in the group competition.

Congratulations! PE TEAM

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