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Fourth week of The PYP Exhibition

We started our next week of The Exhibition from planning our work. We gathered in groups to write a plan. We took part in the action called: “Plant 1 000 000 trees” that is sponsored by “Żywiec zdrój” water. Trying to be eco-friendly we planted our own trees and we got certificates with the exact coordinates of places of the panting site.

H.F.A. Group:

“Our main topic was endangered species of animals in Poland. We created a poster and decorated eco bags. We also stated working on cards with information about endangered species.”

Zielona korona Group

„We created a collage entitled: The Earth is breathing, too” on which we presented the positive and negative influence of human actions on our planet. We are also working on an info brochure about healthy and eco lifestyle.”

Podaj rękę Team

„We finished a poster about children rights. Next week we want to organize reading time for our young friends.”

Each group recorded short films to sum up our actions. They will appear soon on our YouTube channel. Be alert 🙂

You are more than welcome to see our photo gallery.

Thanks for your attention!

Best Wishes,

Yours Grade4



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