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Szkoła podstawowa PYP
Szkoła podstawowa MYP
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Four PYP exhibition groups

We are happy to announce that last week 4 Exhibition groups were formed. They are connected to the following sustainable development goals: 

  1. Affordable and clean energy  – Michał, Felek, Leon, Ola, Lev (mentor teacher: Ms. Agata Konopska)
  2. Life below water– Mila, Julia, Żenia, Timur, Curro, Sara, Olaf, Zara (mentor teachers: Ms. Jolanta Borodzik, Ms. Aneta Borkowska)
  3. Life on land – Zosia, Marcel, Borys, Tymon, Mary, Flora, Dimitar (mentor teacher: Ms. Inga Mączka)
  4. Good health and well-being– Mati, Emilia, Jan, Kuba, Nina, Blanka (mentor teacher: Katarzyna Biernat)

Each group is currently working on its own logo and the group name. Don’t forget to follow our future posts.

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