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Foreign Language Festival

During the Foreign Language Festival grades 0-4 were open minded and communicators. If you are interested in how they developed these two Learner Profile Attributes, read below:

  • Grade 0 learnt how to say a few basic phrases in German („hello”, „good morning”, „my name is…”, „How are you?”, „I am good/bad/so so”, „Thank you”). We also practiced counting in German (1-12), got to know about the national colours of Germany and learnt a song („Guten Tag, Guten Tag, hallo wie gent’s?”) and a counting rhyme „Das ist meine Socke”.
  • Grade 1a learnt how to say ‘hello’ in different languages. We discussed a little bit about countries around the world. We tried to recognize languages while listening small-talks and movies. That was really difficult task! What’s more, we had a meeting with a special quest – Julia’s dad who told us about Austria and German!  We talked more about Japan. The students took part in traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Then we got to know Japanese culture, their traditions, manners. The students were curious about Japanese school – we compare our school to Japanese one. The best activity was singing a Japanese song! They remember the lyrics very fast! Reading Japanese myths, painting cherry blossoms, doing origami while listening Japanese relaxing music and watching Japanese dance – that was a fun and pleasure for all of us!
  • Grade 1b travelled to Greece. We have learnt about Greek Myths and Culture. During those days we created a Greek flag, we did bowls from clay and recreated Greek vases.  Our class tried typical Greek food, listened to the music and danced Zorba. We also practiced how to say Hello, My name is and counting to 10 in Greek.
  • Grade 2a chose Italian. We learned about the culture and geography of Italy, we know what the colors of the Italian flag mean, we learned to say “Good morning” and “Hello”. Each student chose one profession, learned to write and pronounce the name of this profession in Italian. During the breaks we listened to beautiful Italian music. We had a lot of fun  Ciao
  • Grade 2b learnt a little bit about about Spanish. We learnt how to say “Hello”, “Goodbye” and “Thank you” and explored the vocabulary related to our unit of inquiry about workplaces. We sang a song called “Professiones” and listened to some beautiful Spanish music.
  • Grade 3a chose Portuguese language. We learned how to say “Good monrning”, “How are you”, “Goodbye” and more of basic phrases. Students were writing scenarios for short videos. After, they learned their their own role in Portuguese.  We had a lot of fun during recording our videos.
  • Grade 3b learnt about about Latin. We learnt how to say “Hello”, “Goodbye” and “Thank you” and we have prepared a picture dictionary. We taught grade 2b names of animals in Latin.
  • Grade 4 decided to learn German. Tosia’s mum visited  our class to present basic phrases in German language. She also gave a presentation about Germany, famous people and companies which was really interesting. Fourth graders prepared mini posters about famous German landmarks and presented basic vocabulary to the whole school community.



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