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First Days of The PYP Exhibition 2017

Dear Students, Teachers, Parents and All Members of Our School Community!

It has happened!

This week, we managed to start the most exciting unit of all that is called The PYP Exhibition 2017. At the beginning of the week our librarian, Ms Kasia Mill came to us. We talked about copyright law and how to behave according to it. Now we know what academic honesty is and we realized what are the authors’ feelings when their works are taken without their permission.

We signed important PYP Exhibition documents and so did our parents. Each of us set our personal PYP Exhibition Journal in which we are going to collect all the materials. We also revised PYP essential elements of the IB programme: Learner Profile Attributes, Attitudes and Skills.

Next, we created a prior mind map about the Exhibition. We read a comic and wrote 6 facts about this unusual unit.

After that, we discussed our transdisciplinary theme of the Exhibition “Sharing the planet”. We were looking for inspirations in many books and we enlisted  the most interesting ones on a special handout. At the end of the week we were creating posters about possible problems and our responsibilities towards the planet and the world we live in.

At the very end (shortly before the May long weekend) we wrote this post.

You are more than welcome to see our photo gallery.


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