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Festival of Literature in the PYP

On Friday February 26th, the last day of the Festival „The languages of Art” in MYP and DP, the Festival of Literature took place in grades 0-4 PYP.  

What happened in each class? You are more than welcome to read and find out 

Grade 0  

Grade 0 students read a big book made by one of the kindergatren group about Koziołek Matołek, one of the most famous book character in Poland. We had a class discussion on our top books. We also talked about the role of  illustrations in children’s books. Next week, students will bring their favourite books to read them and talk about them with the classmates.  

First Grades   
On the occasion of the Literature Festival, 1a students brought their favourite books and briefly described their plot, which encouraged the rest to read it. After a short discussion of the benefits of reading and what we like best about books, students immediately started reading selected books. Using their imagination, they presented the story of the book by creating their own cover for it. We were also pleased to listen to books read by students from other classes.  

On Friday, grade 1b listened one chapter form “Rekreacje Mikołajka”. According to our project, together we read “Dzieci Pana Astronoma”. In our classroom we hanged up poster with the list of our favourite books. We know why reading is beneficial and why we should do this. 
The biggest attraction for us was the book prepared by one of the kindergarten group “120 Przygód Koziołka Matołka”. 

Second Grades   

Students of grade 2a showed their favourite books, talked about the most interesting parts, drew scenes from the book ‘The Six Bullerby Children’.  They enjoyed watching and reading the books prepared by the preschoolers. Thank you 🙂   

2b students read their favourite books. They recommend: 

Basia “Różowe babeczki” – “It’s a very interesting book, I like mysteries the most.” 

Lusia “Pippi Langstrmpf” – “Most of Pippi’s adventures are here. I like her because she is a funny girl with a cat.” 

Jaś “White Dwarf” – “I like a little explosion” 

Kuba “Doktor Kwankenstein” – “I like it because it’s funny, I like the last chapter because it’s scary.” 

Frania “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” – “I read the third part and I just couldn’t stop”.  

Staś “Tomek Łebski” – “It’s a very funny book.” 

Franek “365 zabaw z klockami LEGO” – “You can learn a lot if you want to build LEGO.” 

Pola “Harry Potter i historia magii” – “I like J.K Rowling and she wrote very cool books.” 

Robert “Minecraft” – “You can learn a lot about Minecraft.” 

Third Grades 

Class 3b read their favourite books. We were also wondering whether reading is good for us and we all agreed it is. Books develop our imagination, expand our vocabulary and are a source of knowledge and relaxation. Together, we have created a list of books that we recommend to the schoolmates. You can find a list of our favourite books on the ground floor. 😊  

Grade 4  

Fourth graders got familiar with the ballad by Adam Mickiewicz entitled: “Pani Tardowska”. We were analysing and interpreting the ballad and were wondering what the pact between Mr Twardowski and the devil was about. Then, each student presented his/her favourite book and encouraged to read it. Alex: “Moomin Winter, Helena: “Quidditch Through the Ages” and “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”, Albert: ”Politics for kids”, Leon: “Mikołajek i spółka”, Staś: “Księga strachów”, Marcel: “Moomin and the Magic Hat”(in Russian), Lila: ”The Secrets of prison” and the second part of Harry Potter, Tosia: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”, Mikołaj: “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”. As you can see fourth graders are lovers of Harry Potter’s adventures     

DHS Exhibition group prepared recordings of their favourite animal books for pre-schoolers. 


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