ul. Stępińska 13 (PYP)
ul. Belwederska 6a (MYP)
Szkoła podstawowa PYP
Szkoła podstawowa MYP
tel. PYP +48 22 841 29 91
tel. MYP +48 22 852 31 10

DHS Exhibition Action

As part of the Exhibition action, girls from DHS Dogs Horses Sport Group organized a collection of gifts for dogs from the shelter in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. The goods contained various things: food, blankets, toys. The collection took place at school during remote education, but the gifts were given in person as soon as they returned to school. They made us realize that humans should be responsible for animals, especially homeless. Thanks to all members of Monnet community who took part in it and congratulations to girls on a wonderful action!

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