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DHS and FC Boys join forces!

According to DHS Exhibition action and inquiring the line: Our responsibility for animals, both Exhibition groups took part in a DIY Workshop- A toy for homeless dogs conducted by Ms. Elena (Marcel’s mum). During an online meeting we gave a try to prepare this toy.

We encourage all members of Monnet Community, who would like to help the homeless dogs to: watch the video, do it by yourself and leave it at the school office before May, 15th. All you need to make it is: a string, a T-shirt/pants (used but in good condition) and scissors.

All of the toys will be given to the shelter in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki run by the foundation Przyjaciele Braci Mniejszych.

P.S. The toy was tested by one dog and underwent an endurance test. This dog was strong and the toy did not break. What is more, Burbon did not want to give it back.