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3rd issue of Gazeta Monneta

Nobody expected this…Nobody believed…  Summer Solstice is finally here!

 After seven months of sitting in my armchair and staring at the tiny dots on the screen, I returned to my stationary work on May 18.

 A week earlier, I was asking my students how they were doing; if they want to come back or if they are happy to do so. I saw terrified expressions in their faces. I saw uncertainty and anxiety. I felt insecure myself too. Again, you will have to turn on the alarm clock, iron your shirt, run to bus after a quick coffee.

Monday came and just a few seconds after crossing the school threshold I felt this amazing energy of a live meeting. The joy of everyone at school was great. We can’t all get enough of each other.

The third issue of Gazeta Monneta was born at the end of our remote school and at the beginning of our return to it. The longed-for summer is coming. Full of optimism, I present to you the work of our wonderful students.

The number of people participating in our project is constantly growing. We are expanding our magazine with interesting reports and interviews. It is also a real pleasure to welcome the youngest students from the PYP program to our pages, who will appear regularly in the “Young Monnet” section. Dozens of various articles will make the upcoming summer months pleasant for us.

I wish all our students, their parents and teachers a wonderful holiday!


Aleksander Jarnicki
Editor-in-chief of Gazeta Monneta


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