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3 graders’ Final Assessment

3 graders’ Final Assessment. Central idea: Signs and symbols are part of human-made systems that facilitate local and global communication.

Third grade students prepared a presentation in groups summarizing the project and their chosen field. To a large extent, the subjects of the presentations were related to the students’ passions or their current interests. In class 3a, there were presentations on origami, football, horse riding, drawing and confectionery. Each work discussed the methods of communication in a given field, symbols, codes, passwords and gestures relevant in a given field. We learned what an origami crane symbolizes, what does “burned” mean and other words used during a football match, what commands are the most important in communication between the rider and the horse. We also heard about the use of symbols in the work of a confectioner!

Class 3b introduced us to various fields: confectionery, music, horse riding, hockey and alpine skiing. We learned the meaning of the musical notes, we learned that „lipsticks” are the professional name of “fudge” candies, and we heared that we put a saddle pad on the horse’s back. Did you know that „turtle” and „asparagus” are not only the name of a pet and a vegetable, but also a name for a back protector and an informal name for a ski?