Creative Olympiad

WHAT A WEEKEND! Back in November our students from Starszaki started getting ready for the 14th Creative Olympiad Destination Imagination that took place in Wrocław, March 1-3. The kids put together a team and named it “Skaczące Pikachu”. Under their coach’s – Auntie Justyna’s – watchful eye, Skaczące Pikachu started solving Instant Challenges and working on their Team Challenge – a short performance. In Wrocław, our students showed the results of their work to Experts, who rewarded their efforts with medals and toys. They also had an opportunity to see the performances of other teams from other parts of Poland, who had taken on the same challenge. For one of those teams (the so-called Twin Team), our students had prepared small gifts – pinmills with Pikachu, of course! We also took part in various workshops and activities that had been prepared for us. So… who’s coming to Wrocław next year? 🙂


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