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Workshops of historical debates

Last year our school participated in the program of the Historical Debates Club, organized by the Piłsudski Museum in Sulejówek and the Polska Debatuje Foundation. We are still under the care of the Foundation, which on Saturday, November 9th organized a training and workshop meeting for last year’s program participants. The students were divided into two groups, more and less advanced in the art of debating. Finally, there was a debate on whether all European Union countries should introduce one common history textbook. Our students, Zosia Bonarowska, Hania Grom, Konrad Trawiński and Milena Bonarowska were very pleased with the participation in the workshops. The organizers praised them tremendously for their activity and historical knowledge. Zosia and Hania received a lot of praise from the judges for the best speeches during the final debate.