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Visual Arts Internal Assessment

Tired with the sinusoid of lockdowns and remote teaching the school community finally had the opportunity of seeing the accomplishments of the visual arts students;  the official final year exhibition ( Visual Arts Internal Assessment) opening took place on March the 22nd 2022.

The students focused their artistic endeavors and experiments around the following themes:

  • Amelia Górecka – Intensity (of emotions, feelings, experiences);
  • Magdalena Gromek – The Strength of Women;
  • Emmy Plapis – Identity and Change;
  • Mia Przebindowska – Water Permeation;
  • Róża Rozy – Relationships;

All the students presented a mature, coherent approach and showed original, well-thought-out works, in which one could often observe technical mastery. Due to the IB academic honesty procedures, to prevent possible cases of stealing intellectual property, we had to postpone the online publication of  the photographic documentation of this event until today. Now, after receiving the final 2022 exam results, we invite you to experience the artistic journey.