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Rocket sports are a strength of Monnet’s students!

This week, badminton players joined the competition.

Students born in 2008-2009 in the “youth” category were the first to test their skills.

In the boys’ category, blue T-shirts with the school’s logo were bravely represented by Natan, Tadeusz and Antonii. After a few fierce duels, the boys were classified in 8-9 places.

The girls team was represented by: Natasza, Kamila and Lea. After exciting duels, the teams suffered only one defeat – the one in the grand final, taking 2nd place in the Mokotów Championship!

Two days later, the “children” category, born in 2010-2013, played a tournament.

Boys in green shirts fought to the end for bronze medals, unfortunately this time they had to recognize the superiority of their opponents, losing in the doubles game, thus taking the 4th place. The strength of the team was Tymon and Borjan (7A).

The girls showed a very good side, losing that day after fierce matches only twice, and with the same school – Zakonu Pijarów, reporting on the lowest (3) step of the podium. Girls that day performed in the following composition: Zosia (5B-captain), Gaja (7B) and Julia (7B).

The high school team was the last to take part in the badminton competition.

Despite a very good game, our boys’ team, i.e. Franek (2 PreDP B), Dawid (2 DP) and Kajetan (2 DP) and the girls’ team Ania (1DP) and Natalia (2DP) were eliminated in the first round, going to Technical School of Horticulture No. 39 and Technical School of Economics No. 8, which finally finished the competition on the podium.


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