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Prom 2022

Dear High School Graduates!

Firstly I would like to apologize – it seems that participating in such a joyful prom gathering is still beyond my strength.

Secondly – congratulations! Being in the final grade of the IB program is a huge success in itself!

And thirdly – I wish you happiness tonight, in the following days, weeks months and years!

Remember, that learning is a natural state of intelligent minds and school stress is more connected with assessment, competition and thinking about the future, rather than learning itself. I will risk an even stronger statement – learning is the best fun for intelligent minds! While preparing for the May exam session and also later – during University study – try to recognize and celebrate your curiosity for processes and phenomena, about which you are learning. Allow yourself to be fascinated and delighted. This will diminish your fatigue and improve the effects of your work.

Proof that the „joy of learning” is not just my idee fixe, are the words of the hymn of academics, which calls: „Gaudeamus igitur”. There is no encouragement to painstakingly sit over books for 24 hours, in hardship, toil and out of a sense of obligation! However it does call out: ”Let’s rejoice”. Origins of this song date back to the 13th century. It is sung during the inauguration of the school year.

Young, talented people, by their very nature investigate, analyse, conclude, create and this gives them joy and fulfilment.  Stick to this. Don’t think about what the world expects from you – but what you want from the world and from life! Be happy!

Have a great time!


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