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Monnet trip to Malaga

On the week from 13 till 20 of November we went on a trip to Malaga organized by our Spanish teacher Mrs. Katarzyna Burzyńska. We stayed with local families and learnt Spanish at “AIL Málaga”, a language school that provided us with a wide array of activities, travels and games.


Throughout the week, we attended a local language school “AIL Málaga”.We were assigned to three, based on Spanish level, classes. We started our lessons at 9.30 in the morning, and have them till 1.30 in the evening with 30 minutes of break in between two blocks of classes. During them, we usually ate Spanish breakfasts, like churros or bocadillos. The teachers were very nice and helpful, always smiling, and we chose what we would like to learn in our week of classes. The lessons were very diverse, we watched short films, had group activities, discussions, games and projects, so that everybody was involved and motivated.


On our weekly trip, we lived with Spanish families. All houses were located less than 15 minutes away by foot from the school so everybody lived near each other. Our hosts provided us with 3 meals every day and a place to sleep, and also kept an eye on us, just in case something happened.


Every day we went on some trip. Usually we went to the center of Malaga, where we visited beautiful castle, museum of Picasso and many other things. After sightseeing we had free time for shopping and other activities. We also went on a trip to Seville. Although it was raining almost all day, we had great time there. We saw Mirador Mushrooms Seville a modern building that looked like a mushroom and old square with symbols of Spanish cities that was also “Star Wars” filming location.

Julek, Olek & Szymon