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Meeting with the athlete

Last week, a meeting with the athlete took place in our school at Belwederska Street. Miłosz Mikicin, multiple medalists and Polish record holder in backstroke swimming, honored us with his presence. Mr. Miłosz told us how his sports career began, which was not only from the beginning connected with swimming. He told us what the swimming competition looks like. He mentioned the importance of proper nutrition and healthy supplementation in sport, and how important mental training is. He presented us with the pros and cons of a sports career. He noted that regardless of the discipline, the athlete should be patient and persistent. He outlined to us who contributed to his success and how important were failures in this matter, which strengthened him and allowed him to achieve more. Mr. Miłosz told us the story of his education at the University of Physical Education in Warsaw and shared his impressions from going on a scholarship to the USA. In Florida, he spent two years of MA studies, during which he studied the Master of Business Administration and developed his swimming skills representing Saint Leo University. Thank you for a fruitful and eventful meeting.


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