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Mathematical operations

High school mathematicians have created a website on their initiative, thanks to which they inform pre-DP and Diploma students about the organization and ways of teaching mathematics in our school. They also collect all the teaching materials used in the lessons. This facilitates the exchange of experiences and sharing ideas. The first mathematical project, which lasted almost a month, has been completed, which in class 1 A pre-DP Artur Smaga conducted together with Piotr Chlebus. The project consisted of several stages. First, the teachers took lessons in their groups, during which they discussed two different topics. These lessons were recorded with a camera and then subjected to the teacher’s reflection. Then both groups of students met in Peer-learning classes, during which the students taught each other. The last element was a two-hour class, during which the groups were working on a common task related to previous topics. This lesson was conducted using Mathematical Investigation – learning through inquiry.

Hanna Buśkiewicz-Piskorska