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¡Juntos lo pasamos genial!

The next days of our trip to Malaga were full of new experiences and unforgettable moments.

Together we climbed a mountain to discover the medieval castle of Gibralfaro built there by the Musselmen in the first half of the 14th century. From the top, we all enjoyed together the view of the city and the Mediterranean Sea. 

The next day we participated in a flamenco dance lesson. It was surprising how much we could learn in an hour lesson! Later, we all played a city game called gymkhana. We walked around the streets of Malaga in small groups and looked for information about the culture and history of the city. We asked the inhabitants of the city for help. When asked, they were happy to answer our questions. The boys’ group won, composed of Kacper and Patryk from class 1B pre-DP and Antoni and Bruno from class 8. Bravo!

On Friday, we finished our week-long Spanish course and received our certificates. After lessons, some of us went for a bike ride along the coast.

On the last day, the beautiful sun woke us up so we went to the beach of Benalmádena Torremolinos. We spent time together sunbathing, looking for shells and even swimming in the sea. 

It was an unforgettable trip. We learned a lot, but most of all we’re taking back to Poland wonderful, unforgettable memories of the time we spent together in Spain.

¡Adiós España! ¡Juntos lo pasamos genial! 



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