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II Film Festival – thursday

On Thursday we present to you a series THE GREAT F0UR directed by Wiktoria Nawrocka. This 4 episode, mini-series showcases an interpretation of the main movie genres. Episode 1, entitled “The Night” is based on horror. It tells the story of two young girls exploring abandoned buildings but getting in some trouble while doing so. Episode 2, “Shelly Shaplin” is based on the famous Charlie Chaplin. The main character overslept for a meeting with a friend and is in a huge hurry to get there as fast as she can. Then, an episode 3, called “Roma and Julia” is a take on the classic yet tragic story of Romeo and Juliet. It deals with the problem of a young couple lacking support and acceptance from their family due to the person they’re in love with. Lastly, episode 4, “Jessica Bond” which is once again based on the popular movie series with James Bond.