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I love freedom

This year’s celebration of Independence Day was honoured by a musical and lyrical concert: I love freedom

The concert was fully prepared by class 2 PreDP.  After the initial sense of mistrust, work on the show became extraordinary. It began with a rebellion – our program, prepared by Magda Skawińska and me, was protested. There were suggestions of specific, new pieces, the atmosphere and content of the entire concert changed. But the ideas were great, the work enthusiastic, although sometimes difficult. The musical pieces were entirely compiled by Magdalena Skawińska, I fought with the literary matter of words. And before our Students stood on the scene, before they began to learn the text, we needed conversations, interpretations, new definitions of the words patriotism, homeland, freedom, independence. I think it became possible to look at this holiday with joy, optimism but also reflection over our contemporaneity. Maja Orzeszyna began the concert beautifully by playing the piano, Sonia Bromka, Pola Szymańska, Piotr Paluszyński ran the concert whereas Marcin Franek, Zuzia Zboch, Maria Ulasińska, Staś Jankowski, Victoria Dziak, Maja Pianko, Pola Hojka, Zosia Gintowt-Juchniewicz, Julia Rozy, Natalia Woźniak, Antek Bujanowski, Mikołaj Szumilewicz,Antek Michiewicz, Emil Olszak and Kuba Jukiel recited lyrical texts. And even though we heard the words of Gałczyński, Słonimski, Wierzyński, Tuwim, the entire concert made us reflect over today’s image of our celebration.



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