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Historic sports success for Monnet

Due to the intimate nature of the school, despite the sports talents of our students, it is usually difficult for us to successfully compete with large schools, which often have typical sports classes in their ranks. However, over 3 years our wonderful high school students have proved that they CAN. The female team representing our school defended the Mokotów football championship! Showing remarkable fortitude, often gritting his teeth despite delicate injuries. A special distinction should be given to those who tasted the taste of victory for the second time, forever enrolling in the sports part of the school’s history – Vanessa, Olivia and Alice, who, with the support of younger students – Kasia (2 DP), Ania (2 DP), Hanna (2 Pre-DP) and Natalia (2 Pre-DP) fought to the last whistle for the best result. It should be mentioned that our girls were still losing 2 minutes before the end of the final, but then they showed an extraordinary character and team spirit, because no fatigue was visible after them, and the only thing that could be seen was the desire to win and the largest available cups for the school. The culmination of the tournament was the award for the best scorer among the girls for Vanessa, who certainly would not have achieved it without the passes of the rest of the girls. Congratulations and now we keep our fingers crossed for the Warsaw Championships, which will take place soon.