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Gazeta Monneta – new issue

Dear readers,

We are giving you the next issue of Gazeta Monneta which is intended to bring a fresh breeze to our everyday reality. So let’s reflect, what gives us hope?

This year’s Oscars have just been handed out. The winner of the ceremony and the winner of 7 statuettes was the film “Everything, Everywhere, All At Once”. Shot in a postmodern convention, the film presents the struggle of man in times of chaos. Sometimes we wonder what would have happened if our lives had turned out differently. The main character has the opportunity to test other types of life in practice. It turns out that the most important values for her are kindness, love and family. Neither the glamor of the theatre stage nor kung-fu skills are important to her.

Sometimes we choose simplicity in spite of the confusion that surrounds us from everywhere. Simple everyday activities can make us happy. What makes us so happy that we want to face chaotic everyday life on a daily basis? Is it a walk with the children to a tiny coffee shop in Praga, or admiration for the technological development of Warsaw transport? Or maybe poetry? Short stanzas about chocolate or fragrant cake. Perhaps it will be a small lizard that will make us happy, like the one brought by a student at the last Monnet Science Festival. 

Let’s enjoy these little joys! Let’s not let ourselves be overwhelmed by the media and technological chaos that surrounds us. I encourage you to read the latest issue, in which we will discover these little joys of everyday life. They give us hope for a better tomorrow! 

Aleksander Jarnicki
Editor-in-chief of the Gazeta Monneta