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Gazeta Monneta – #7

Dear readers!

     We recently celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week at Monnet International School. This event has a special place in the school calendar and in the life of our school community. This is the time when students engage in various projects: film, art and literature. This year a very interesting theatrical performance was prepared. It was directed by Krystyna Szrajber and presented by the school ‘Teatr 4 piętro’. Our psychologists Renata Słowińska and Agnieszka Pączkowska, as well as a biology teacher Izabela Redlińska-Tuz, helped with the implementation of the entire project.

      Connecting mentally with the idea of ​​this project, we decided to name the 7th issue of Gazeta Monneta ‘We want to be ourselves!’ My first association, which inspired the theme of the issue, is the song created by the Polish rock group “Perfect”, which at that time was an expression of rebellion against the communist reality of the 1980s.

      However, I wonder what causes rebellion in young people nowadays? What is an obstacle to their happiness? Recent studies leave no illusions: they show a huge increase in depression and anxiety disorders among young people. This issue of Gazeta Monneta is a certain expression of attention to the contemporary struggle of young people. We want to try to show a different perspective, that the world is not only sadness, war and lack of hope for the future, that from time to time you can gain a clearer perspective by focusing on those aspects of life that build and support us. Reading Gazeta Monneta can be such a moment of respite to immerse yourself in literature and poetry for a moment, and meet the profiles of interesting and inspiring people. Moreover, of course, we can reminisce about the good times spent together on school trips and be inspired by the description of places worth visiting.

    Above all in this issue we wanted to give students space where they could talk about themselves.       Let’s listen to the voices of our students! I invite you to the inspiring reading of the latest issue.

Aleksander Jarnicki – Editor-in-chief of Gazeta Monneta