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Gazeta Monneta – 5th issue

Dear Teachers, Our Dear Students!

       This spring is different than the previous ones… On February 24th everything around us changed. The pandemic has receded into the background and Ukraine is now at the centre of our attention (and in our hearts). This criminal war affects all of us, not only politically and logistically, but above all – emotionally.

      More than two million refugees have already arrived in Poland and many more may come in the near future. New Ukrainian students have also joined our school.

      Poles across the country are committed to supporting Ukraine and Ukrainians. We too are deeply moved and we have opened our hearts to help them. In Monnet collections, fairs and other charity events are continuously being organized.

    We are still looking for signs that will be a  cause for optimism. After all, spring is also hope, a time of rebirth and entering a new life cycle.

    However, the newspaper is invariably revived in each subsequent issue. Our students have once again prepared a number of interesting and valuable articles. We devote a large part of the current issue to familiarise our readers with the history of our school on the occasion of the upcoming jubilee. It is worth paying attention to the extensive and very interesting interview with our historian, Jakub Lorenc. This text will give us a great deal of insight into how Monnet’s ideas work. There is also a new section called “Francophonie”, which aims to bring us closer to the French-speaking countries. The issue also includes the memories of our soon-to-be high school graduates who we will shortly be saying goodbye to.

      I would like to thank the students and teachers involved in the creation of the current issue of Gazeta Monneta.

      We wholeheartedly support our Ukrainian friends. Outside the sun is shining beautifully. Let it also shine over Ukraine!

Aleksander Jarnicki – Editor-in-chief of Gazeta Monneta