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Celebration of our school

Today we participated – as every year on the first day of spring – the School Day. The celebration was as joyful as spring itself. Students began with the Oxford debate on the most important topic today. The thesis was: “Drown!” She was defended by a team of high school students supported by a history teacher – Jakub Lorenc. The defender of the antithesis was the 8th-grade team that won. So we gave up melting madder (traditional Slavic doll) and we saw an extremely spectacular performance professionally prepared by the Monnet School Theater directed by Polish teacher Krystyna Szrajber.

The school rock band’s performance was equally enthusiastically received. It was a strong debut! We ask for a much longer performance at the end of the school year!

It was wonderful! Happily! Dynamically! Beautiful twenty-seventh birthday of our school! Thank you to all creators and participants of today’s events. I also thank junior high school students for organizing a cafe. The income from it will be transferred to the St. Krzysztof Hospice. (351,70 zł).