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Bronze at Warsaw Championship in individual cross country races

Last week, students of our primary school and high school participated in the finals of the Warsaw Youth Olympics, where they proudly represented not only the colors of our school, but also the Mokotów district.

There were 1,623 representatives from 18 districts of Warsaw at the start, who qualified for the finals during the Championships of individual districts, including four representatives of Monnet International School. The races were divided into age and gender categories. Our youngest representative Mateusz (5B) took 41 places for 151 boys, and Marianna (7A) 41 places for 147 competitors in the 1km run.

A very high 9th place out of 152 competitors was taken by Bruno (7A) and thus qualified for the Masovian Championship, which will be held in the spring.

The star of the competition was the reliable Kalina M. (2DP), who provided us with many great emotions. At first, due to her injury, her start was in doubt, but Kalina’s willpower and ambition are exceptional. Not only did she appear at the start, but from the very beginning of the 1.5 km run she moved strongly. Immediately after the first turn, she took a high third position, which she did not give up until the end of the run, although her rival from Mokotów, with whom she lost at the District Championship, was on her heels.

Congratulations and thanks to all representatives, and we wish Kalina and Bruno good luck in the next stage of the struggle!

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