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Admission (DP)

Application form to 1 DP IB Monnet (3rd class)

    Part 1 - Personal details

    Father's data


    Part 2 - Information about the candidate

    Part 3 - Choose subjects

    Please choose one subject from each group: 3 subjects on Standard Level (SL) and 3 on Higher Level (HL). Instead of Visual Arts, you can choose an subject from groups 2-4.




    GROUP 1

    Polish A Literature

    English A Language & Literature

    Another language A Literature
    self - taught

    GROUP 2

    English B

    French B

    German B

    German Ab initio

    Spanish B

    GROUP 3




    Business & Management


    GROUP 4




    GROUP 5

    Mathematics applications and interpretation

    Mathematics analysis and approaches

    GROUP 6

    Visual Arts
    (or one subject from groups 2-4)

    (or one subject from groups 2-4)

    Part 4 - Questions for PARENTS

    Additional information about the student

    Please DO NOT SEND any documents at the recruitment stage.

    Information clause:

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    1. the administrator for students’ personal data is Monnet International School complex with registered office in Warsaw,
    2. personal data are processed for the purpose of carrying out didactic, educational and caretaking tasks in line with the law of September 7th on 1991 on the education system pursuant to Art. 6 par. 1 letter c of the general regulation on personal data protection of April 27th 2016,
    3. personal data are stored throughout the time period conforming with the provisions of the above-mentioned law,
    4. each parent/adult student has the right to access the personal data stored, correct them delete limit the processing of, or withdraw the earlier granted consent,
    5. a parent/adult student has the right to file a complaint to a supervisory authority,
    6. providing persona data is obligatory due to law provisions.