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Congratulations from the Director General

Dear Hanna Buskiewicz-Piskorska,

In the most recent IB assessment session, one of your students, Aleksandra Marta Kowalska, achieved a score of 45 points in the Diploma Programme. As you know, this is the highest possible score in the DP assessment and is awarded to only a small number of students around the world. These few candidates have demonstrated their ability to perform at the highest level in each subject group as well as in the core.

I would like to pass on my congratulations to you, your coordinator, your faculty and your school for creating an environment that makes this achievement possible. I am sure that your Diploma Programme coordinator and teachers are delighted with this exceptional performance. Enclosed is a letter of congratulations for Aleksandra Marta Kowalska, which we would appreciate you passing on. With best wishes for the upcoming academic year,

Dr. Siva Kumari
IB Director General

Monnet International School – Kowalska