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Continuation of the programme

We are the first school complex in Poland to offer the programmes of International Baccalaureate Organization – at all educational levels, from kindergarten to baccalaureate.

At the same time we are one of the oldest private IB schools in Poland. We have been teaching since 1992. We have offered the Diploma Programme since 2003, the Middle Years Programme (for younger youths) since 2011, the Primary Years Programme (for children) – since 2010. Our graduates study at the best Polish and foreign higher education institutions.

We identify with IBO philosophy, which assumes a holistic development of a person. It is best summed up in the IB Learner Profile – a set of ten characteristics, which IB Programmes aims to strengthen. The strength of IB programmes is the combination of standardization and freedom. The student of our schools may be sure to attain a high level of educational competence while becoming an authentic, not just declared, subject and participant of the educational process.


Secondary School – 1992
Primary School – 2012
Kindergarten – 1986


Austria, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA and more…






Forming attitudes

IB programmes put an emphasis on personal development of students and teachers. They confirm that knowledge and skills are important, however, they are insufficient to raise a citizen of XXI century. Therefore, they suggest forming certain attitudes toward people, environment and education which enable development of a person equipped with attributes of the Learner Profile.












Headmaster and founder of Monnet International School

When in 1992, I founded the school along with some friends, it was an act of defiance. I had already had thirteen years of teaching experience in a state school. Gradually, over those thirteen years, I formed an image of an ideal school; a wise and pleasant school, where time is not wasted, where discipline favours efficiency of work and is not an objective in itself.

The school of my dreams would be a meeting place for youth with vibrant personalities, who are taught by sensitive and well educated teachers who enjoy their work and teach in a way that interests, inspires, develops and respects the individuality of young people.

I have not forgotten about that defiance and those dreams. The IB programmes help me in remembering these, as it turned out that the programmes are coherent with my own doctrine of teaching.


  • Initially, I was learning out of respect for the teachers. Later on, they informed me that one must learn purely out of respect for oneself.

    Lara Gessler
  • This school guaranteed me a high standard of education, linked with tolerance. The benevolent attitude of teachers towards their pupils made us gain knowledge in an inspiring atmosphere. I recommend this school to those who want to creatively develop their interests.

    Wojtek Zembaty
  • I was captivated by the warm, family atmosphere. We always knew that we were in good hands. My teachers were lecturers from the University of Warsaw and from the Medical Academy; these were wise and competent people. Private Grammar School No32 is a fantastic school for those who want to learn, who know how to make the most out of the opportunities that are offered.

    Małgosia Przybylik
  • I never would have imagined that something so enclosed and tight as an institution could be a vestibule or waiting room to an indefinable, never-ending field of knowledge. In agreement with the words of one teacher, Tomasz Wroczyński, who told us, “Drink the golden honey of knowledge from my mouth,” I am still drinking this metaphorical drink, which has now permanently resided in my veins. This place, this school, is a toast before the long feast of life.

    Ignacy Kotkowski
  • Being a part of IB society thought me few essential attitudes: tolerance, humility, self-discipline and respect- not only to varieties in cultures and people, but mostly to knowledge. Thanks to extremely inspiring and creative teachers, study became an interesting adventure, encouraging me to discover more, deep into infinite knowledge resources. High requirements set by my teachers helped me to break all restrictions created by my mind and expanded my ability to break them down with every further study undertaken. Now, when I’m fully aware of all of mine advantages and disadvantages, I am able to use that knowledge efficiently, while facing variety of challenges. That courage is one of the most important values that I managed to gain during IB program, and which is discovered in each student individually. I fell lucky and grateful to graduate such program, which puts students and their diversity in the first place. Now I’m ready to challenge myself, take a risk and fulfill all my dreams.

    Patrycja Koehler

IBO Certificates

  Primary Years Programme since 2010 
  • We are the first school complex in Poland to offer the programmes of IBO – at all educational levels, from kindergarten to baccalaureate.
 Middle Years Programme since 2011 
  • We were the first school in Poland to implement MYP Programme.

 Diploma Programme since 2003
  • The first IB /International Baccalaureate/ matura took place in May 2006. In total over the 12 years 194 students received IB diplomas.
  • Average results – above global average – fluctuate between 30 to 33 points with the best students scoring over 40 points.
  • The so called “pass rate” in the first examination period is close to 90%, and with the November “re-take session” it approximates 100%.

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